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Member Shouts
Coos5: Hey guys! just saying howdy! Poor flying conditions at my house today!
Gemster18: Thinking about ya bud.. hope your ok?
Coosbay1: I hear that is not worse as "Covid. So, no problem.
Coosbay1: Hey Joey, Alas, We have contacted something called "Stage 4 Colon Cancer".
Gemster18: Cancer Thing? what are you talking about? and Good Morning.
Coos1 Server: Hey Tony ! It's good to here from you. All is good except for the cancer thing. We're still pluging away.
coosbay_AB: CoosbayAB: I just droped in to say hi. To Mike,Ted,John,Kevin & Kody. Hope you are all well. I'm doing OK.
Coosbay1: She was one of our most qualified pilots. Showing the guys how to do it !!!
Coosbay1: I want to let the Coosbay Gang know that we lost one of our dearest female pilots. "Coosbay Vixon" will be remembered !!
Keith Wilson: hi 2 all
Coos5: Hey Coos1! Nice day to fly!!
Coos-323: yo boys howdy
Gemster18: Hello.. hope all is well. just wanted to stop by and say hello...
Coosbay1: New IP for server #1 - - AGAIN !
DEX907: Hello Everyone! Good to visit the page again! Hope everyone is doing well!
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Thanks for Stumbling across our Website...

Whether you heard about us from friends, Google Search or our new dedicated FSX Steam Edition Server. We are glad you found us and hope you take the opportunity to have a look around.

If you like what you see so far...

we would like to offer you the opportunity to check out what makes Coosbay unique and in  league of its own. Click the link below to download a sample of our airports and go on a hop or two Coosbay Hops style...

If you like the look, feel and interested in finding out more to what makes us tick? Join one of our teamspeak3 servers to ask a question or two, even better become a member and let the Magical World of Coosbay Hops open before you eyes and provide the opportunity to find out what we mean by It's Tougher In Alaska...

Look forward to seeing you in our sessions soon!  


This download includes six Coosbay Custom Airports designed by our members to create a challange for any Flight Sim Enthusiast. This pack includes:

  • CBSB - Coosbay Alaskan Island Challenge (Classified, Alaska, United States);
  • CBHD - Coosbay Getaway (Coos Bay Getaway, British Columbia, Canada);
  • CBTS - The Slot (Classified, British Columbia, Canada);
  • MKVV - Volcano View (Classified, Washington, United States);
  • MK02 - No Name Yet (Classified, British Columbia, Canada);
  • MK09 - Tough to Get In (Classified, British Columbia, Canada).

When loading please ensure that the file path is correct in the self installer to the version of FSX you wish to access the airports. Require support or have any questions please email us at


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Coosbay Server 1
"Tougher In Alaska"


FSX Service Pack 2

Crash/Realism Settings "OFF"

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Please Note the server will Auto kick anyone for the the following:

  • Broadcasting on all Frequencies
  • Entering with Gliders or F-18's
  • Packet Count exceed 750 to 1000 kbs (usually caused by bad payware airplanes)
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We are a group of dedicated FSX Flight Sim Pilots looking for challenging flying conditions and airports. Flying in Alaska and British Columbia in real weather conditions is where you will almost always find us. The combination of extraordinarily beautiful scenery and difficult flying conditions create a flying experience unlike any other. We especially enjoy ILS approaches with extremely low visibility through mountain passes. A few airports have snow and ice even in the summer months!

When not flying our team has produced our own highly custom textures for aircraft unlike any you have seen before. We now have fourteen free download airport scenery packages containing over 1000 airports. Most of these airports are original with unique characteristics making the approaches challenging and fun at the same time. We have also developed our own highly customized and personalized panels and gauges that are perfect for ILS and non-precision approaches.

We fly almost every night, and can be found on the FSopen Server Board under the names of “"Tougher in Alaska", "Tougher in Alaska 2" Tougher In Alaska 3"”. Coos Bay has no ATC in the sessions as we use Unicom to broadcast our intentions in the clear. Teamspeak3 is also available with quick access on the left of this page, so come on in and get to know our group. We hope that we may have the opportunity to share our experience, and knowledge to make your flying experience a fun and happy one.

Be sure to download our Airport Scenery Packs. We use them in our sessions and will make your flight time with us much more enjoyable.

Hope to see you in the sessions soon…

Thanks and Happy Flying
The Coos Bay Hops Team

Founding Members

Mike K, (Coosbay1) * Ted R, (Coosbay2) * John B, (CoosBay91N) * Tony B, (Coosbay_AB) * Kevin K, (CoosbayKK) * Rex Y, (CoosbayFlyer) * Kody K, (CoosbayKody)

Coos Bay Skunkworks Department
CoosBay Skunk Works Department

Need a repaint, panel tweak, gauge help or FSX related Tech Support?

Coos Bay Hops offers most of these services and always willing to help.

Drop us an email at to find out more. Or look for one of the guys below in a session:

Our Skunk Works Team:

Aircraft Repaints and Airport Design

Mike K, (Coosbay1) * John B, (CoosBay91N) * Wade M, (Coos-323)

Panel Design and Gauge Creation

John B, (CoosBay91N) * Greg S, (swift39)

Communications and Publications

Ted R, (Coosbay2) * Kevin K, (CoosBayKK) * Greg S, (swift39)

Technical Support

John B, (CoosBay91N) * Reno, (CoosBay5) * But, if you're really desperate, you can try * Joey F, (Gemster 18) *

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It's Tougher in Alaska - Server 1

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Microsoft’s Flight Simulator reveal this month shocked fanatics who hadn’t seen an upgrade in 13 years

  • Flight Simulator has the Guinness World Record for longest-running video game series.
  • The new version comes out sometime in 2020.
  • Microsoft says it will support third-party content, but some developers weren’t told about the update in advance.

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The DREADED Banned List

Recent members that got
banned from our server for
not being able to follow
simple Coosbay rules that
are on the new members page.

DannyBoy ( Rule #5 )
Aval5 (Every Rule)
BuckWing (Won't Play Nice)
Pigmy-Lizza (WANKER x2!)

Coos Bay Hops Publications

Current Publications offered to EVERYONE in a zip file

The Publications include:
Gauge Operation
Radio Procedures
General Tips and Tricks
and much more....


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