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About Me
Why do you want to join Coosbay?
After flying to PAHO, I meet who I belived to be the owner of COOS, he was really nice and told me about the service and i was blown away. To many times i have been on FSX and have to deal with 5 year olds and it just recks the game. I want to join a community that looks after each other and not only enjoys flying but also helps each other out. and to answer the question below im 21 years old almost 22

Our web site may have Adult Content. I am
More then 16 & less then 24

Which Type of Aircraft do you fly the Most?
I like to fly the 737-800 because I work as cabin crew in really life on board for a company called pacific blue. You can check it out at Flypacificblue.com

How did you find our web site.
by the owner who was flying the same day and put the information in the text box.

How often do you fly Flight Sim?
As much as I can get away with !

Do you consider yourself a
Experienced, You know what does what.

What do you want to learn from Coosbay?
everything, I know the basics and after watching the program Alaska airlines on t.v. it seems to be one of the best places to fly and to learn. I also would like to give back and as much as i can

What name do you use to fly on GameSpy?

What type of flying are you most interested in ?
flying as a group with out ATC. watching out for each other and learning from the other people.

Where do you live?

What other sim groups do you belong or have belonged to?
never been apart of another group, however do enjoy flying using the auto atc in germany

What style of flying do you prefer?

Do you have anything else you would like to tell us?
I just hope that you will give me the chance to prove my self and help out your community.

In Coosbay we rely on voice communication do you hav a microphone ?

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