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What would you like to share?

About Me
Why do you want to join Coosbay?
love flying

Our web site may have Adult Content. I am
Over the hill.

Which Type of Aircraft do you fly the Most?
lancair iv\p

How did you find our web site.

How often do you fly Flight Sim?
Every Night.

Do you consider yourself a
Experienced, You know what does what.

What do you want to learn from Coosbay?
whatever you can dish out

What name do you use to fly on GameSpy?

What type of flying are you most interested in ?
Learning proper IFR/VFR techniques !

Where do you live?

What other sim groups do you belong or have belonged to?

What style of flying do you prefer?
Bush Flying,

Do you have anything else you would like to tell us?
not right now

In Coosbay we rely on voice communication do you hav a microphone ?